Fully Equipped Systems Remove The Toughest Soils and Deposits Inside and Out

Some parts have internal cavities that are fouled with carbon, dirt, and baked in soils. An airfoil from a power generating turbine is a prime example. Blasting the external surfaces of these parts is easy, but how can it be cleaned internally? The Automated Cleaning Technologies solution? ACT can employ multiple technologies,  which may include ultrasonic, positive displacement pumps and high pressure, heat, detergents, and a very creative control and plumbing scheme to push fluid(s) through parts in multiple directions.

ACT has its own in-house machine shop and capabilities to machine soft-touch fixtures to secure the parts, while presenting the ports for pressurized bi-directional flushing. Extreme care is taken by our engineers to minimize volume blow-by and maintain requisite pressures for optimum cleaning. From micro volume flows and thousands of pounds of pressure, we can design and build a flushing system that exceeds your expectations.

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