Engineering and Manufacturing Powerful Spray Systems to Clean Difficult Parts

Our directed spray system approach for removing soils, both loose or tenacious, requires precise engineering to ensure that parts are fully aligned with powerful cleaning jets. Missed areas due to the geometry of the part, or the location of the jets, can leave parts less than thoroughly clean. At ACT, we have been providing batch loaded turntable spray washers, orbital rotation spray systems and conveyor washing spray systems for a wide variety of applications for decades.

With the invention of ACT’s Agi-Blast™ feature (illustrated, top right), our systems deliver the robust flow of high volumes of spray in excess of 270-gallons per minute and pressure exceeding 165 PSI at 20-240 strokes per minute! Consider the effect of a ton of solution impacting the soil surface at variable frequencies every minute…the cleaning effect is phenomenal. This patent pending feature sets ACT apart as a true parts cleaning innovator.

 Chances are in a brief conversation we can define for you whether or not the application you have is suited to ACT’s directed spray technologies. Once that is done, we then need to cover key issues for design, including:

  • Are the parts always the same part number or do you envision using the system for multiple parts?
  • What is the largest (and smallest) practical part to be cleaned?
  • What is the throughput? Some customers need only a few processed per hour and rely on our batch systems, while others need many processed per hour and rely on the advantages of ACT’s automated processing.
  • What kind of floor space is available?
  • Finally, what is the next process for these parts? Do they need to be dry?

ACT’s in-house engineering team is dedicated to providing our customers with the most cost effective, most efficient, and best performing parts cleaning process that can be achieved with directed spray parts cleaning systems. We are focused on precise engineering and have expert in-house fabrication capabilities to back it up. ACT engineered and built the heavy duty turntable spindle pictured above. 

ACT offers our customers PLC integrated work cell robotic pick and place systems that are programmed to work together with our industrial parts cleaning and finishing systems. Our automated systems can be adapted to fit your specific needs, with numerous end-of-arm tooling options available for robotic applications, stage-by-stage data logging and receipt processing, and work cell integration with SCADA management and control.

Some of our more recent successes include engineering and manufacturing tooling for a large machining operation, huge yet sensitive transmissions from military aircraft, and even critical parts from high speed printing presses. Whatever your application entails, by talking to us at ACT you can be confident in getting a no-nonsense solution backed with a superior level of customer service and honest value that’s made right here in America.

Fracking Tool Cleaning Systems for the Oil & Gas Industry Designed to Increase ROI

ACT specializes in downhole tool washing equipment specifically for the oil and gas industry. We can engineer and build your tool washing unit to your exact specifications, and work closely with your engineering team to build a performance washing system that will save you time and manual labor.

Traditionally, downhole tools are brought to a field service center, and are washed and cleaned manually. ACT can improve the labor efficiency of your entire field operation by installing one of our closed-loop downhole tool washing units. Minimizing waste generated means reducing your operating costs, and increasing your bottom-line. ACT can design your downhole tool cleaning system to separate heavy soils and mud as well as floating oils and greases from the recycled wash water, and even integrate an automatic evaporation system to drastically reduce your waste haul-off costs.

Our tool washing equipment cleans the metal extremely well and allows new rubber components to adhere better than power washing by hand. That means your tool will last longer in the field. All of ACT's tool washing equipment use environmentally friendly solvents. 

Using Allen-Bradley, IDEC, National Instruments, Eaton, Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other industry proven technologies, we can create user-friendly programming and HMI displays that can be viewed and controlled via internet gateway from anywhere in the world. ACT can develop robotic work station design and turnkey cells that are fully integrated, pre-configured solutions for even the most complex cleaning or processing systems. Our programming can integrate with the latest industrial process and material handling management systems.

Contact us today and an ACT sales engineer will work with you to determine the best system for your operation. 

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