Extending the Service Life of Your Chemistry to Save Money

With the ACT stretch system, paint stripped in our system is quickly removed from the bath to limit the expenditure of the paint stripping chemistry (Turbo Strip). By getting the paint out, the bath life is significantly extended: 

Chemical paint stripping when soft substrate materials need to be inspected for cracks is often the only method safe (or authorized) for use. Paint is lifted from the surface of the substrate(s) by a chemical reaction, heat, and changing flows of solution over, under, and through the load created by ACT’s adjustable elevator action from 20-240 strokes per minute. The resulting paint that has been removed is now an issue to deal with in the tank. Left in contact with the chemical stripper, such as ACT’s highly effective Turbo Strip, the already removed paint chunks, and sheets, are still reacted on by the solution. This can drastically reduce the active life span of the chemical. The answer is to remove the paint residue as quickly as possible.

Some might consider filter housings, however these still leave the paint residue in the chemical. This may be fine for smaller systems, but consider a 2,000+ gallon stripping system. Preservation of chemical viability is critical. ACT engineered its stretch system for just this purpose. Employing high volume pumps and stainless steel mesh of varying open area in drawers, our systems rapidly push material from the ACT STRH Strip Processor, and pass it through the mesh drawers, with “clean” chemical returned to the tank. The captured paint residue is suspended out of the chemical, thereby ending the chemical reaction and resulting depletion. Drawers are easily opened and scraped into a suitable disposal drum. The Stretch can be set to operate for certain periods of the day or after processing.

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