Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners with Optimum Power

ACT knows that when it comes to PLC controlled ultrasonic parts cleaners, there really is a difference. In fact, our systems are truly unlike any off-the-shelf systems that flood the internet. What makes our systems your best option? Read more below and contact an ACT sales engineer today for a free consultation.

  • Typical ultrasonic parts cleaners offer a high “peak” ultrasonic rating that tries to fool prospective buyers into thinking that they are getting a high watt, or high powered, system. ACT simply provides the actual power input rating and high watt/gallon ratios our machinery is known for. Others choose to advertise, for example, a “4,000 watt peak” specification which really means they are only supplying 2,000 watts of input power! Buyer beware. ACT’s PLC controlled ultrasonic systems will always provide a superior level of power input to suit the actual process requirements.
  • ACT builds its PLC controlled ultrasonic parts cleaning systems with removable tank immersible and transducer. Sure, we build highly reliable systems, but all machinery at one time or another will require service. ACT’s systems make that a breeze to provide you with years of service with minimal maintenance.
  • An ultrasonic cycle at ACT is more than a few minutes of static “buzzing” in the tank. On the contrary, our systems deliver an alternating regimen of ultrasonics and gentle to aggressive (adjustable) agitation of the load at 20-240 strokes per minute. This regimen has been proven to remove greater soil quantities in less time. Our systems can be programmed to deliver any number of alternating regimens per wash cycle.
  • ACT engineers our PLC controlled ultrasonic cleaning systems with racks and fixtures that maximize sonic penetration to the load. Since we make our own cleaning fixtures in-house, we can supply you with a custom cleaning fixture often for less money than a standard basket or rack that will prove to rob a lesser system of vital ultrasonic energy, and thus not deliver optimum results.

An excellent example of ACT's capabilities is a recent US Air Force request to engineer a suitable ultrasonic parts cleaning system to process aircraft gun assemblies. Several systems and regimens were tested but only ACT’s alternating package and superior watt density was proven safe for the gun parts while removing the tenacious soils. The T.O. 11W-12-4-32 was specifically written around ACT’s technology and today dozens of USAF sites benefit from consistently clean and inspected weapons with minimal downtime.

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