Providing Automated Material Handling Systems to Optimize your Workflow

ACT offers our customers automated PLC-integrated work cell robotic pick and place systems that are programmed to work together with our industrial cleaning and finishing systems. Our automated material handling systems can be adapted to fit your specific needs, with numerous end-of-arm robotic tooling options available for specific parts, industries and throughput capacity, stage-by-stage data logging and receipt processing, and work cell integration with SCADA management and control.

Using Allen-Bradley, IDEC, National Instruments, Eaton, Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other industry proven technologies, we can create user-friendly programming and HMI displays that can be viewed and controlled via internet gateway from anywhere in the world. Our automated work cell systems can move a wide variety of components quickly and consistently, even where weight, size, and shapes may vary. ACT can design and engineer a custom configuration that can keep your processes moving continuously with a robotic interface, minimizing operator error and downtime.


Robotic assistance allows for an increased ability to lessen the time between the start of production of one unit and the start of production of the next unit.


Robotic feeding systems can easily perform repetitive motions with increased speed and efficiency more than a human user could.


Robotic Feed parts washers allow for companies to increase production which means more money for your companies utilizing less effort and man-hours.

ACT Robotic Material Handling System

Advantages of our integrated robotic and automated material handling systems include:

  • Feed systems, vision systems, and 2D or 3D material handling with robotics for flexible design scale
  • System output consistency and productivity increases
  • Increases ROI and reduces total cost of ownership
  • Reduces manual labor requirements and operator repetition
  • Improves overall employee safety
  • TAKT time is reduced
ACT Robotic Parts Washers


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