July 19, 2017

ACT Fabricates Custom Medical Stoma Template for Local Resident

Automated Cleaning Technologies (ACT) specializes in designing and fabricating purpose-built industrial parts cleaning systems that offer cost-effective, high-performing, environmentally safe solutions […]
February 18, 2017

The Smallest Military in Over 50 Years: Automated Cleaning Systems Help Keep America Strong

How Automated Cleaning Systems (ACT) Can Help Budget constraints and the cost of advanced technology have resulted in the smallest […]
February 4, 2017

4 Signs It’s Time to Switch to an Automated Parts Cleaning System

How Can Automated Parts Cleaning System Help? A primary concern for any company is operational costs. Beyond simply keeping costs […]
January 12, 2017

Establish A Budget for Parts Cleaning

Budget for Parts Cleaning Based on your Project If your company needs to clean new or used parts as a […]
January 2, 2017
Weapons Cleaning

Engineered Baskets and Fixtures

Engineering the Fixtures you Need Precision parts cleaning plays an invaluable role in maintaining your equipment and reducing down time […]

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