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Bearing Processing Equipment Engineered for the U.S. Army

The US Army has selected ACT to design, engineer, and turnkey install its new bearing processing equipment and facility upgrade at is depot in Corpus Christi, Texas. ACT’s systems are very versatile but automated bearing processing has been seen as a means of adding consistency to the traditional manual operations previously in favor of military depot level overhaul facilities. The project is ideal for our purpose-built bearing processing equipment systems and our craftsmen in our San Antonio factory, backed by our in-house engineering staff, and the supported by facility experts and engineers at ALPHA Facilities Solutions, American Foundation Consultants, and HDR Engineering, creates a powerful team poised to deliver modern equipment and facility upgrades that are beyond expectation, on-time, and on budget. As with many MRO applications, Automated Cleaning Technologies, Inc. can help your organization or government operation add process consistency, performance, and reduced operating costs based on robot-mechanical feed and transfer. Contact ACT’s consultants today to learn more.


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