ACT Gradient Background Passivation Parts PASSIVATION SYSTEMS Passivation is the removal of exogenous ferrous material from the surface of stainless steel parts, creating a hard chrome “passive” layer to provide protection to the stainless steel, leaving the surface ferrous metal free.

Passivation Systems Provide Protection to Parts, Removes Ferrous Metals

Passivation Systems Provide Protection to Parts, Removes Ferrous Metals

It is important to note that passivation is directly linked to cleanliness. If parts are dirty – especially oily – then the passivation process cannot occur. That’s why the majority of ACT cleaning systems and equipment includes pre-cleaning and rinsing stages ahead of the passivation stages.

ACT’s systems currently passivate to ASTM A380, ASTM A967, and AMS 2700. Many customers struggle to maintain NADCAP certifications when adopting a passivation process. ACT is skilled at providing data logging programming to simplify the NADCAP record keeping duties. Stage parameters can be automatically recorded by batch and either tied to the plant via SCADA or downloaded at the process line. From aerospace to food service, ACT can help you achieve process success with any passivation project.

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CitriSurf is a registered trademark of Stellar Solutions, Inc.

Two different paths to proper passivation can be used with proven success in ACT’s systems: nitric or citric passivation. Care should be taken to research your passivation requirements, and to understand the ramifications of using nitric acid in production facilities. For this reason, the bulk of ACT’s passivation equipment and systems are engineered around citric passivation. ACT has a strong business relationship with Stellar Solutions,, the world leader in citric passivation formulary. ACT’s passivation equipment and systems and Citrisurf® chemistries are ideal pairings for safe and cost-effective passivation of stainless steel parts in any environment.


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