Turntable Washers

Designed to Minimize Process Time, Protect Operators, and the Environment

ACT front and top loading washers are aqueous systems where No VOCs are produced during cleaning and no hazardous chemicals are required during the cleaning process. This technology helps protect both your employees and the environment.

Front Top Loader Combo Hotspot V3
Top Loading System

Allows for easier access for access for cranes

Heavy-Duty Turntable

Supports Up to 10,000 lbs+ of Weight

Recirculated Rinse
PLC Control

Controls Stages Durations and Times


Range from 60 psi to 100 psi.

Turntable Diameter

Range from 32″ to 72″+ diameter.

Table Load Capacity

Range from 750 lbs. to 10,000 lbs+.

Gallons Per Minute

Range from 100 Gal/Per Min to 300 Gal/Per Min.

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Custom Top and Front Loader Capabilities to Suit Your Needs

  • Engineered Fixtures and Support Racks
  • Rinsing and Drying Options Available
  • Robotic Feeding
  • Articulating Manifolds
  • Data Logging
ACT Double Turntable

ACT Smart Clean Front Loading Systems

ACT Front Loading systems are engineered and fabricated to provide our clients the ability to easily clean, rinse, and dry their parts! The system can be either loaded manually or by use of a hoist.

Top Loading Systems

ACT’s top loading parts washers allow our clients the ability to use a hoist and easily load their large industrial parts with much more ease from above. This is the perfect system for customers that are looking to wash extremely large parts that cant easily be manually placed.

ACT Factory 16


Waste Minimization Systems

Effectively manages any volume of waste or plant waste waters by reducing hauling costs to help save your plant money.


Waste Treatment Systems

ACT ETSP systems help you treat and recycle your hazardous waste water and save you money on hauling hazardous waste.