AUTOMATED TRANSFER SYSTEMS ACT builds multi-Stage transfer systems that can be built to be either semi-automated or fully automated.

ACT Produces Multi-Stage Automated Transfer Industrial Parts Washer

Recently built for a customer in San Antonio, Texas, ACT’s automated transfer industrial parts washer system cycles multiple loads of parts in up to five parts baskets in synchronous transfer through automated immersion wash, rinse and dry stages without manual assistance. The immersion parts washer system turns off when all of the baskets have proceeded through all stages. Integrated PLC controls allow the operator to custom program each cleaning stage based on anticipated workload.

This automatic industrial immersion parts washer system is constructed of stainless steel and has independent heating systems for each station with separate temperature controllers. The industrial immersion parts cleaning system consists of five stages, each of which incorporates dual stroke platform oscillation that includes short stroke (fully submerged) or long stroke (in and out of solution). Platform oscillation and integrated solution turbulence modes are used together to remove tough soils quickly using mild detergents through immersion.

The automated industrial immersion parts cleaning system is shown above without its protective guard to temporarily showcase the automated walking beam system that propels cleaning baskets through each stage. Our walking beam transfer mechanism is powered by a pneumatic drive and air-over-oil controls. It moves left and right on bearings over hardened steel shafts, articulating control arms ninety degrees to move the parts baskets at the beginning and end of each cycle. The first three stages consist of an immersion parts wash, DI rinse and rinse stages. The fourth stage provides high volume air blades that dry parts. The fifth and final stage provides an oil dip to help prevent corrosion on parts.

The automated features on this industrial immersion parts cleaner help ensure cleaning consistency and efficiency. The operator does not need to be present to manage the cleaning process once it has started. Watch the video on this automated solution below and contact an ACT sales engineer to learn more about how our industrial immersion parts washer systems can help optimize your cleaning process.


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