Custom and Purpose-Built Systems Engineered to Deliver Value

ACT’s machinery is engineered for single piece flow processing to batch loads with semi-automated or fully automated transfer. Manufacturers AND overhaulers in aerospace, the military industrial complex, automotive top tier suppliers, medical device and implant manufacturers, food, agriculture, and mass transit maintenance operations choose the best…ACT Smart Clean systems! Just a few of the applications where our machines are making a difference:

  • Piston Precision Cleaning
  • SAE Lubricants Testing
  • Institute Research and Development
  • Grocery Scanners and Scales
  • Air Bag Tubes
  • Semiconductor Vacuum Pumps
  • Sintered Metal Hardware
  • Machined Part Cleaning and Passivation
  • Mass Transit NG Engine Overhaul
  • Satellite Propulsion Component FOD Flushing
  • Airline Wheel and Tire
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Heat Exchangers

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