The Problem

Customers of an international automotive supplier were rejecting pistons by the truckload due to parts not meeting the stringent cleanliness requirements during an inspection. These pistons contained an internal cavity that was tested and contained particle weights that exceeded the allowable levels by 10X. The particle sizes were off the charts! With a new piston coming off the line every 30-seconds or less, a high-performance system was needed.

ACT Solution

ACT’s Oval Track Washer line was the perfect solution to handle both the high volume and extreme washing needed to get all pistons to pass inspection. ACT’s OTW systems are engineered for manual or robotic load and unload from the same point while providing multiple strategically aimed jets to force particles from exterior surfaces in multiple stages, and most importantly, the interior cavities. The indexing system moves engineered fixtures from the load stage through pre-wash, wash, rinse/RP, and blow-off zones. Powered doors and tank segregation force solutions to reside within independent tanks to avoid cross-contamination. This allows for all solutions to be filtered before it ever touches the parts. This ACT Oval Track piston washer unit is cleaning pistons by the thousands per machine every day!  Contact ACT regarding your high throughput and single-piece flow process that screams for automation and precision cleanliness!

Basic System Info

Automotive Tier 1
Piston Cleaning
Smart Clean Conveyor Washer
Oval Track Piston Washer 1
Oval Track Piston Washer 2