ACT Gradient Background ACT 1800S Industrial Waste Minimization Evaporater CASE STUDY #2107 WASTE MINIMIZATION SYSTEM FOR MRO


The Problem

Wastewater can come from a wide variety of industrial processes such as parts washing, printing, dyeing operations, plastics production, and a myriad of other processes that contribute to the waste generated by the global economy. The cost of disposal must be reduced while limiting any negative impact on the environment. How can thousands of gallons of wastewater be reduced on a continuous basis to avoid paying for off-site disposal?

ACT Solution

This ACT waste minimization system (model 1800) operates on an auto-feed or batch feed cycle to reduce and condense the wastewater from a maintenance and overhaul facility. Up to 18 GPH can be reduced to literally ounces on a continuous basis.  As the system boils off the wastewater, the boiling temperature rises and climbs as hundreds or thousands of gallons of material is efficiently evaporated per cycle. For example, by reducing 5,000 gallons of wastewater to 55-gallons of disposable waste, 40,000-lbs of waste is reduced to 500-lbs. From dollars per gallon to pennies per gallon to dispose of wastewater, while significantly reducing the over-the-road risks. ACT’s system is a proven winner and the perfect addition to an ACT part washer or a stand-alone solution to any plant waste generation problem. Contact ACT to discuss your waste stream and set up a free boil analysis today!

Basic System Info

Batch or Auto Feed
Waste Water Reduction
Waste Minimization