The Problem

Let’s face it, dirty parts are a problem however the cleaning process can sometimes lead to added problems in the form of high levels of inorganics that may exceed RCRA TCLP limits in the wastewater. Many facilities with parts washers are faced with few options to minimize or eliminate this waste and are forced to have the material hauled away for treatment or disposal. That can be costly! What if there was a compact portable and easy-to-use treatment system that could be paired with your parts washer?

ACT Solution

Good news! ACT has engineered a portable waste treatment system!  The system is designed to allow our customers to safely pre-treat their spent wash solutions on-site. ACT’s waste treatment system makes the process easy and painless. The system contains an onboard fluid transfer system, mixing, and even dosing pumps! The treatment system makes what was once hazardous waste into a reusable wash solution with a solid waste suitable for low-cost landfill disposal (with proper analysis and in keeping with state and Fed regulations). Why pay more for disposal? Treat it with ACT’s equipment!

Basic System Info

Stand Alone Waste Treatment System
Wash Water Recycling and Inorganic Material Reduction
Waste Treatment
Mobile Waste Treatment System 1
Mobile Waste Treatment System 2