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ACT Produces Aircraft Wheel Cleaning System for Local Air Force Base

Automated Cleaning Technologies recently completed a customized F42 directed spray aircraft wheel cleaning – industrial parts washer system for Randolph Brooks Air Force base, meeting their specific engineering requirements. The system features custom programmed HMI controls that allows the operator to set process-specific cleaning cycles, rinse cycles, blow-off and dry cycles to process aircraft wheel mains and nose wheel halves.

Along with the rest of the primary industrial parts washer components to clean the aircraft wheel assemblies, ACT engineered and manufactured the wheel fixture, which was directly mounted to the turntable. The custom fixture design provides quick loading of wheel halves, which safely position them for optimum cleaning while protecting them from damage. Our industrial parts washer design eliminates metal to metal contact between the aircraft wheel halves and the parts rack. The automated parts cleaning system cleans aircraft wheels without using any mechanical scrubbing components that can wear out, require periodic maintenance or potentially damage the wheels.

The industrial parts washer system delivers high impingement through strategically positioned jets mounted around the engineered fixed that are aimed at different areas of the wheels. High water pressure, combined with heat and detergency, produces excellent aircraft wheel cleaning results in short 10-minute or fewer cycles from our industrial parts washers.

ACT F-Series HD Agi-Blast Upgrade

We can build automated parts washers for our customers to meet wide budgetary differences as well as low to high production demands. ACT’s F-Series directed spray industrial parts washers are designed to clean a broad variety of parts, including aircraft wheel mains and nose wheel halves, bearings, brakes, and hydraulic components. Learn more about our patent pending Agi-Blast system and directed spray HD upgrade. For those who want to move up to the next level of cleaning capability, click here to read more on our immersion processors.

You can count on ACT to deliver a realistic aircraft wheel industrial parts cleaning system to meet your operational requirements with a highly desirable ROI. Many of our automated parts washing systems are on our GSA contract GS-07F-5505P. Watch the video below to learn more about these customized industrial parts washer. Contact us today and an ACT sales engineer will work with you to determine the best system and configuration for your parts washing requirements.


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