Directed Spray Aircraft Wheel Cleaning Processor

ACT provides industry-leading industrial aircraft wheel parts cleaner systems. We recognize that by offering multiple technologies to achieve various levels of cleanliness, we can build systems for our customers to meet wide budgetary differences as well as low to high production demands. ACT’s F-Series processors are ideal for shops that need to clean and rinse or even blow-off and dry aircraft wheel mains and nose wheel halves, bearings, brakes, and hydraulic components.

Gross soils such as hydraulic fluid and grease don’t stand a chance against the high impingement delivered by properly positioned jets aimed at the targets (wheels, bearing, etc.) strategically held by an engineered fixture. By applying force, especially the dynamic power generated by ACT’s patent-pending Agi-Blast™ system, with heat and detergency, excellent results are achieved in short 10-minute or less cycles.

Our purpose-built aircraft wheel and bearing fixtures allow quick loading of wheel halves, which safely position them for optimum cleaning while protecting them from damage. There are no brushes or other direct mechanical scrubbing systems used in the process that can wear out and require periodic maintenance or damage the wheels. For those that want to move up to the next level, contact us to learn how our immersion processors can deliver the ultimate cleaning results.

You can count on ACT to deliver a realistic aircraft wheel cleaning system to meet your operational requirements with a highly desirable ROI. Many of our systems are on our GSA contract GS-07F-5505P. Contact us today and an ACT sales engineer will help determine the best system for your workload.

ACT Agi-Blast System Graphic

Directed Spray HD Upgrade Available

  1. Super-sized pumps can deliver 100-375 GPM at 60-216+ PSI.
  2. 40, 50, and 75 HP options available.
  3. Tank sizes modified to suit.
  4. Typically mated to the patent-pending ACT Agi-Blast™ system (illustrated above).
  5. Weight capacity increases to 10,000-lbs available.
  6. Purpose-built aircraft specific wheel and bearing fixtures securely support parts with no metal to metal contact.
  7. Whatever your parts cleaning requirement, ACT can engineer and deliver the best system solution.


Engineered to solve your specific industrial cleaning application

F-Series Industrial Hotspot Image

Generates more Dynamic Power for toughier cleaning jobs

Heavy-Duty Turntable

Supports Up to 5,000 lbs of Weight

Front Loading System

Allows for easier loading and unloading

PLC Control

Controls Stages Durations and Times

Working Height

Range from 40″ to 60″ high. What’s the size of your tallest part?

Turntable Diameter

Range from 32″ to 62″ high. What’s the width of your largest part?

Table Load Capacity

Range from 750 lbs. to 2500 lbs. What does your largest part weigh?

Gallons Per Minute

Range from 100 Gal/Per Min to 375 Gal/Per Min. How much water do your parts require?

Need a Custom Parts Washer built to Your Specifications? We Also Build Fully Customized Systems!

F16 Aircraft Wheel Before Image F16 Aircraft Wheel After Image


Built for the toughest cleaning jobs. Made in the USA.


Front Loading Industrial Cleaning System



What is the Turntable Weight Capacity?

Our standard turntable weight capacity is between 750 to 2,500 lbs but custom solutions can always be built. Talk to one of our experts today for more information!

What industries have you all worked with before?

We have built industrial cleaning systems for the aviation, automotive, construction, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical, and military.

Do you build industrial cleaning systems for companies outside the US?

Yes, We built cleaning systems for companies all over the world!

Do you build custom industrial cleaning systems?

Yes, We absolutely love it when clients partner with us to build complex systems to expedite the cleaning process for unique parts. Our cleaning systems can also be fully automated!


Start Cleaning Them Today!