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Automated Cleaning to the Rescue | Smallest Military in Over 50 Years

How Automated Cleaning Systems (ACT) Can Help

Budget constraints and the cost of advanced technology have resulted in the smallest military in more than 50 years. Weapon systems are increasingly complex, and the cost per unit has led to a shrinking military, numerically speaking. With fewer ships, tanks and other systems to mobilize, and fewer personnel to maintain them, the need for efficient and effective maintenance systems has never been greater.

Automated Cleaning Systems Overview

ACT designs cleaning systems that offer maximum throughput for high volume cleaning of precision military components, and with minimal man hours to accomplish the task. Our engineers build to meet T.O. specifications, ensuring that your mission capabilities are always a priority with every system we design.

Requirements per T.O. 11W1-12-4-32 regarding maintenance of the M61A1/A2 and GAU-8, for instance, have since been amended thanks to the elimination of time-consuming and labor-intensive cleaning steps made possible by an innovative ACT-engineered cleaning solution. Technical orders for maintenance of advanced weapon systems cannot afford to be relaxed due to manpower availability or operational readiness. For these systems to remain effective and reliable, the prescribed maintenance procedures must be followed, to the letter and on-schedule.

ACT engineers have the experience and expertise to design and manufacture cleaning systems that will not compromise your mission, or the maintenance of expensive precision parts need to meet that mission. There has never been a time when reliable and efficient maintenance of military grade components was more critical.

Personnel safety is always a key consideration for every ACT cleaning solution. We build systems that not only require fewer man hours and less manual cleaning, but with less hazardous waste produced as well. Think about that for a moment. Your weapons systems are cleaned in higher volume, requiring fewer personnel, in less time, more safely, at a lower cost. That’s the ACT way.

Automated Cleaning Technologies, Inc. has earned the status of GO-TO source for reconditioning and cleaning used bearings that will extend their life cycle. With tighter budgets and finite resources to contend with, such innovations as these are why your ACT engineering team are a crucial component in the success of your task.

Our ultrasonic, direct-spray and cyclic processing cleaning solutions have been proven invaluable for cleaning and maintenance of systems including aircraft engine manifolds, missile systems, ships, and armaments.

Contact your design team at ACT today and let us help you achieve your mission more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

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