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Engineering the Industrial Fixtures and Baskets You Need

Precision parts cleaning plays an invaluable role in maintaining your equipment and reducing downtime as well as operational costs. Yet an often overlooked aspect of this vital procedure is the logistics of actually moving the parts through the cleaning process. That is to say, how are you getting your precision components safely and securely from station to station?

Your project requires a conveyance system that will ensure your valuable inventory is carried safely through the cleaning system and comes out the other end intact and fully cleaned. You need a solution that is customized to the size and volume of the parts in your inventory. At Automated Cleaning Technologies, you will find an engineering team with decades of experience in developing solutions that fit the exacting requirements of each client’s project.

At ACT, we understand that your components are unique, expensive, and finely machined parts. We know what it takes to keep your project moving while preserving the safety of your fragile and valuable parts, and your personnel. Baskets and fixtures that are engineered to the specifications of your inventory save you time and money. Fixtures designed to your specs mean that you can work at maximum efficiency with minimal wasted motion or space.

Our engineers will design a solution that suits all aspects of the job for you. We have the experience and expertise to assess the available operating space, operational budget, and volume considerations of your project. Our team will work with you to determine how many parts per cycle you’ll need to clean, design a basket that will safely accommodate that volume while ensuring each component is fully cleaned.

Need a rotary basket for your parts cleaning system? We’ll build it to the precise dimensions you need. You can rest assured each component gets the full benefit of the wash cycle with internal spray headers designed to access all surfaces of each part. No more need to repeat wash cycles due to inefficient solutions that cost you productivity. You’ll be sure to have those parts ready for issue after a single cycle.

The bottom line for your project is high production. That is the driving force behind every ACT solution. We build cleaning systems in single or multi-stage configurations for every type of application – ultrasonic, wash, rinse, dry, rust inhibiting – to suit any budget and get the most out of every cleaning cycle.

Make sure your parts are handled with care, precision and safety with baskets and fixtures engineered for your specific project. Don’t trust your valuable inventory to off-the-shelf products that don’t fit. You wouldn’t carry eggs in a shoebox. Why convey expensive, fragile parts in a one-size-fits-all box? Contact your engineering pros at ACT and let us build the fixture you need to safely clean your parts today.

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