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Demand for Industrial Cleaning Equipment Increases in the Energy Industry

As global oil prices have continued to fall in recent months, the energy sector has seen prices per barrel reduced by more than half since June 2014, from a high of $116 to currently below $42/barrel. This dramatic low in the industry is largely a result of reduced demand in importing countries due to stagnant economies worldwide.

Yet despite the shortfall in profits, production remains high as exporters seek to avoid the risk of losing market share by reducing output. This combination of high production and low returns puts even greater demand on the energy sector to operate as cost-effectively as possible to ensure maximum profitability.

In times like these, it is more important than ever that the cost of maintaining oil refining equipment remains low. Even as oil demand slows with global economies, their workload remains as heavy as ever. Your operating systems need to work efficiently to stay competitive, and ACT has the cleaning systems to keep them working with minimal down time.

Automated Cleaning Systems designs precision cleaning technology that conforms to the highest demands and specifications of your industry. Using automated processing and PLC’s which can store menus for cleaning multiple precision components at pre-set schedules, maximum productivity is assured.

At ACT, all design and production is performed in-house so that project economy won’t hurt your bottom line and systems can be integrated more quickly. Complex systems, engines, and oi refining equipment use close tolerance components. These precision parts are expensive to replace and even more costly when component failure shuts down production and requires additional man-hours to repair.

ACT engineers consult with you to develop cleaning solutions customized to your project. We build systems that will meet your specific demands and fit your budget – we’ll build it for you, to your own specifications.

Oil refining profits demand economy of scale that won’t tolerate unnecessary losses in productivity. Don’t let system downtime and inefficient maintenance procedures cut into your bottom line. Let ACT build the cleaning solution that will keep your precision equipment running smoothly. ACT cleaning systems are programmable and expandable. With a single press of a menu button from your HMI, cleaning formulas, operating cycles, pressures and schedules are programmed to your exact requirements.

No matter the size of your project, whatever the size and complexity of the components involved, ACT has the design and engineering expertise on hand to deliver the cleaning solution you need to keep your business running smoothly and profitably.


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