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Budget for Parts Cleaning Based on your Project

If your company needs to clean new or used parts as a segment of your manufacturing or re-manufacturing operation, learn how to budget properly for the eventual requirement to break away from manual cleaning.

Up until now, your operation has functioned well enough, and within budget, using a manual cleaning system. You may have even decided that using a manual system is safer for your parts and ensures a more thorough job of getting the parts cleaned. For many years, that was the case for industrial operations around the globe.

It made sense to entrust the cleaning of precision components to individual personnel trained to handle your inventory with care, and who would painstakingly work at cleaning each part thoroughly. It made sense, at least, until the volume and pace of your operation reached a point where manual cleaning was no longer practical, cost-effective, or efficient. Now what?

The high cost of lost productivity, labor-intensive tasks such as parts cleaning, and loss of inventory during handling or accidental damage have mandated a re-evaluation of how to make your project function more efficiently and less expensively. You’ve found that you are now at a point where it will actually pay to invest in automated cleaning. Your engineering team at ACT is here to help you discover the solution that is ideally suited to both your budget and your mission.

It all begins with evaluating how your project is functioning right now. We can help you assess the efficiency of your operation, how frequently your parts will need to be cleaned, and the capacity required of your cleaning system to increase operational efficiency and deliver maximum ROI. At ACT, our mission is to help you discover the ideal cleaning solution that you need to accomplish your mission.

ACT designs and build cleaning solutions that will safely and efficiently carry your valuable parts inventory through the necessary cleaning process, at a reduced cost. Your operational expense is reduced by offsetting the labor cost in man-hours spent cleaning parts manually, and by increasing the throughput rate of your inventory.

Our engineers have worked with many clients in a host of industries where precision components need to be cleaned and maintained as part of the mission. We manufacture solutions that are built from the ground up to fit the budget, volume and type of operation that each mission requires. You won’t have to buy more than you need, or settle for less than you expect with Automated Cleaning Solutions, Inc.

Contact our design and engineering team at ACT today to find out how your project budget can benefit from an automated cleaning system built just for you.

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