Building Engine Cleaning Systems for the Military, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Energy Industries

ACT’s uniquely engineered STR Engine Cleaning Systems makes the job of cleaning large industrial-sized engines a clean and simple process. The ACT Engine cleaning systems were designed to effectively clean large engines whether they be for military jet engines or a diesel engine. Our industrial parts washers are here to help clean your engine’s no matter what industry you may be in. At 6,000 GPM, the STR Package delivers a torrent of recirculated solution at and through all passages and oil galleys where other systems simply cannot reach.

These machines are engineered to suit various engine sizes, mass transit, and rail trucks and engines, and anything massive that requires a thorough cleaning of the most challenging geometry parts. Our advanced immerse parts washers allow us the ability to thoroughly clean even the hardest places to reach like oil galleys with large industrial engines.

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