When the US Military calls, ACT delivers! We have built fully deployable cleaning systems with unique characteristics for US troops in Afghanistan.

Harsh environments take a toll on the service life of machinery. Cleaning machinery to military specs without permanent and easily accessible facilities makes maintenance even tougher. ACT builds systems to overcome logistical challenges and worked closely with the military to develop a fully deployable cleaning system that met their needs. Don’t Scrub …Complex and critical parts require cyclic technologies to gently remove tenacious soils. ACT’s unique systems are engineered for your success!

cy·clic /sīklik/ Adjective 
1. Occurring in cycles; regularly repeated: “nature is replete with cyclic processes.”

ACT’s systems apply regularly repeated and varying forces from cleaning technologies directly to the loads that produce amazing results on some of the toughest soils known, but gently to leave parts like new. And as in nature, our systems are anchored in our philosophy to protect the environment and operators and keep both out of harm’s way.

Fully Deployable Military Parts Washer

Forces Applied:

  • Hydraulically induced pressure variances from over 200 strokes per minute
  • Direct spray impingement under pressure with seal-less pumps
  • Automatic and infinite technology switching
  • High frequency, sweep sonics matched to mass/volume ratio
  • Low heat
  • MIL-PRF-29602 compliant detergency
  • *Optional Post clean rinse
  • *Optional Automatic drying with high velocity, self-heated air with changing air flow patterns

Remove carbon, grease, dirt, and other materials that interfere with your non-destructive testing, inspections, and re-builds Systems typically produce clean and dry loads every 10-minutes!

Contact an ACT sales engineer today to learn how we regularly produce custom cleaning systems for the military and ensure they meet their stringent requirements.


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